The Intern

Well hi there. I’m the new guy. The amazing underling. The gopher. The one who does the little things with pleasure while soaking up all the knowledge I can find! I’m a summer transplant from New York who is out in Los Angeles to entrench myself in LA’s vibrant denim culture. I have but one year of study left at Cornell University as an apparel design student who focuses on menswear in general and denim in particular. Denim is the love of my life. It’s that simple.

My name is Jesse F. Ruoff and this is my post.

That’s me right there, wearing our signature Engineer jacket. There are only six left so grab one if you want one! Hey, it’s no shirt off my back…oh wait, yes, yes it is exactly that. But all of our jackets go to good homes. How can they not? They’re great jackets for great people just like, hmm…oh I don’t know, you perhaps? Yes you. No, not that guy reading your screen over your shoulder, you.

A little habit of mine is to make bracelets out of the scraps of whatever I’m working on at the moment. The leather is from a personal bag project while the indigo selvage was leftover from constructing the Engineer jackets. My whole arm would be covered if the bracelets didn’t break, get lost, or become nasty. I’ll get there eventually!