The Former Farmer

October has ended. Like every year, the seasons continue their slow rotation. Fall always makes me ponder the past. Two-hundred years ago our great grandparents would have spent this time enjoying fall squash and brisk clear mornings. Pumpkins dotted the fields instead of grinning from carved faces. (Fun fact: the carving of jack-o-lanterns didn’t catch on in America until the 1890’s when immigrants from Ireland introduced the custom.) And what were they wearing when carting tottering towers of ripe orange pumpkins? Why a farmer shirt of course! In the spirit of the season we have produced our own take on this classic piece.

Our Farmer Shirt continues the rugged traditions of these pre-1900’s work shirts. Made from wabash printed dot-stripe black selvage twill, it features the half placket pullover design favored by farmers of the time. With it’s bib front and secure chin strap it can stand up to the toughest abuse and protect the wearer from the harshest conditions. Gussets at the side seams feature selvedge edges, while the unique chest pockets mix the formality of welt pockets with the function of flaps. Beautiful mother of pearl fish-eye buttons add the final touch of polish. Our ancestors my not have looked this classy but that’s no reason you shouldn’t.