Newest Edition to the Rising Sun Family

The newest edition to the Rising Sun work shop is a vintage Union Special 35700 Feed off the arm Chain Stitch Felling machine. We rebuilt it and are about to put it into use.

This machine is the workhorse that made your 1930s-1950s era work shirts. It also sits on the original Union Special table, with original folder.

The machine has a very rare 3/16s of an inch gauge set. This will stitch the same double needle stitch that the most sought after vintage work shirts have.

Henry Ford said, ” you can have any color you want, as long as its black…”

We will be producing a limited run of Chambray work shirts in the coming weeks utilizing this machine for the Fell seams. Stay tuned.


We’ve Been Busy…

In case you have been wondering whats been going on, we’ve been preparing for the upcoming “Inspiration” Vintage trade shows fast approaching in February. If you can make it out to either event please stop by our booth and say hey and check out our new stuff….And there is a lot of new pieces coming out. New Henley’s, New Chambray Work shirts, New Sweaters, New Jackets, New Denim, New Duck….We have some pretty great stuff coming in 2012 stay tuned. Here are a few sneak peak photos from the workshop.

Sample Sale Sneak Peak

From the hundreds of items that we are going to have for sale, we chose to showcase a few of them. First, we have 7 US Army Vietnam-Era Vintage Fish Tail Parkas, $45/each, a good selection of Vintage Workshirts, twill as well as chambray, $15/each, and an even larger selection of Denim & Twill Fabrics 5-10yrds bundle from $5/ bundle. Lastly, a variety of Cones of Thread in various sizes and colors, 50cent/cone… and more to come in the next few days.

A few people have asked if the sample sale is open by appointment only, but this is not the case. Our doors are open to one and all. This is the perfect time to get some of the gift buying out of the way before the holidays.

See you on Saturday!

The Ranch Hand

Here at Rising Sun we crave the authentic things in life. This is why we often look to workwear of the past for inspiration. There is one iconic worker who had to take lots of abuse and still look rugged and handsome at the end of the day. The Ranch Hand.

Once again, Rising Sun’s Ranch Hand Jacket brings the this rugged charm back to life.

Since we know many of you have been waiting, we are happy to announce them finished just in time for the cold winter weather. This two pocket, pleated jacket, made from our signature brown duck is a timeless piece. We kept the details the same, using tobacco colored contrast duck on the inside of the waist band and the cuffs, and a steel buckle made from bending steel wiring as a back detail.

A brand new in-vest-ment.

As always, we here at rising sun want you to be the dapper gentleman that you dream of being. Well we have a piece here that will stoke the fires of your heart. This piece is so stunning you’ll charm passers-by without saying a single word.

This piece is the Gent Waistcoat. It is crafted from the finest of wabash printed dot stripe selvage canvases. The gent features a flatbusted center back seam with inside selvage detail. The inner pocket is selvage edged with a custom Rising Sun patch. Its deep hunting pockets can subtly hold anything from your safely concealed passport to fresh quail. The chest pocket has been enlarged to perfectly fit your smart phone. This may be a vintage inspired piece but we consider your technological needs. With its plethora of features and hearty duck canvas this rusty beauty will be the pride of your wardrobe.