Julian Boots

We have a small amount of Julian Boots still available in the store. These are whats left of the special run from the Jeans of the West release party.

Finishing Touches

These are the “Deadgrass” pants with the finishing touches we put on last night.
Hope to see everyone at the event tonite!
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AB Elfelt & Co. with the Jeans of the West book

Newstadter Bros.

Julian Boots

Stepping Back In Time

Julian boots
There is an encouraging new artisan movement in Los Angeles where local products are made the old-fashioned way using the best and most authentic ingredients. Many of the craftsmen in this movement have been drawn together as a result of the common thread they share.

One particular artisan, the boot maker – Julian. He is known amongst fellow craftsmen as someone who takes joy and pride in every step of the process from hand carving lasts to hand making every single pair of boots, right here in the America. While riding in Hodis’s pre-war hot rod as the navigator on the Annual Reliability Run, meandering through the San Gabriel Mountains, the idea of the collaborative effort was born.

We took an English last (the last makes the the shape of a boot) from the time period before the First World War. This last was the shape that was used by Welsh miners in the United Kingdom during this pre-war period. We made a couple modifications for comfort and fit and then we applied a pattern that was commonplace in that time up until about 1920.

The boot that we created is all handmade solid leather throughout (100% leather sole and upper), crafted in the old-fashioned handmade way, the same way that it would have been done back in that time period.

One motivation behind this project is that we see people are becoming very serious about buying local products made with old-fashioned techniques and with the highest quality of goods. We believe some of this was born out of an intrigue with vintage products because they were always made and bought locally, and with highest quality materials. It is in opposition to most of the products we buy today that have been made in the farther parts of the world.

We made only 5 pairs of these boots which will be available for boot enthusiasts to look at, try on, and purchase at our event on August 7, along with our mine-found recreations.

JP Plunier in Rising Sun Workers

JP wearing Rising Sun Workers

We caught up with JP Plunier, music producer extraordinaire and founder of the Feal Mor clothing line. He was wearing his 1-of-20 Visvim Patton Hoodie leather jacket, Rising Sun Workers, and boots that look like they should be in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western.

He was nice enough to let us snap some pics to depict how the Workers are breaking in. The duck canvas fabric has soften comfortably and wear creases have set in to conform to the body.

JP wearing Rising Sun Workers front

JP Wearing Rising Sun Workers left side view

JP Wearing Rising Sun Workers and matching shoes

JP Wearing Rising Sun Workers Side View

JP wearing Rising Sun Workers back

Dry Lake Racing Style: Jump Boots and Rising Sun Yukon Jeans

WWII Jump Boots Perfect with Rising Sun Yukon Jeans

In case we did not emphasize enough how great vintage boots go with our painstakingly crafted jeans here is more evidence. Our good friend Frank Barone likes to show off his 1940s WWII Paratrooper Jump Boots worn with Rising Sun Yukon jeans in his prized Ford Model AV8 hot rod. When he throws on his vintage aviator sunglasses he looks just like the dry lake racers of yore. They still produce new boots with the Corcoran mark but we have learned that the vintage boots made to WWII period military specs are truly unique. The Corcoran Jump Boots were on the feet of US soldiers fighting worldwide and in action zones across Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific.

Perfect: WWII Jump Boots, Rising Sun Yukon Jeans, Ford Model AV8 Hot Rod

This particular pair features leather uppers in brown color as per the specifications at the time. When the US military changed their boot colors to black some soldiers were referred to as “brown boot soldier” as recognition of old timer status. The beautiful and quiet toe cap detail complements our jean’s stitching and the denim selvage perfectly. When coupled with a cuffed pair of Yukon jeans the boots illustrate why the boot and jeans look will never go out of style.

These boots were made by Corcoran for use by United States Army parachute units ("brown boot Army").

Top of WWII Jump Boots